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The end of oil is near.

In Your Inbox: The week that begins the Endgame for Oil; Umida AG and how they are reducing water loss using trenches; A company enabling sustainable fashion

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Building towards 100% renewable energy faster

In Your Inbox: How LevelTen Energy plans to accelerate us towards 100% Renewable Energy; Board Games as a solution to climate change; How climate tech startups fit into Doughnut Economics model.

What it takes to electrify America

In Your Inbox: Ho we can electrify America; How will oil companies transition to clean energy; How biomass can be used for power generation

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Avoiding climate tipping points

In Your Inbox: What is the value of avoiding climate tipping points; Organic Waste Management; Why we need to invest in climate tech now

The decarbonization of food

In Your Inbox: Synthetic Biology and how it makes sustainable food; supply chain logistics for food; grant funding for cleantech ideas; portable batteries to replace diesel generators

The true cost of EV charging infrastructure

In Your Inbox: A guest from Freewire on how to reduce EV infrastructure; Understanding plastic recycling; How CalWave makes wave power more affordable; How consumers can build ESG portfolios

A guest from Softbank, opinions on E-Mobility

In Your Inbox: Biden’s Tax Plan supports the clean economy in a different way; The EV race has heated up; How every job is a climate job; plant based building insulation materials

How to unlock GW of solar capacity

In Your Inbox: The potential value of bitcoin mining with solar; A follow up to Project Finance vs. VC with HG Ventures; Wave Power systems are getting the funding they need with new grants.

The standard oil of renewables

In Your Inbox: TreeCard raises $5.1M in Seed Capital; David Energy & the future of retail electricity; Plant based tuna…and seafood

The Impact March 15

Project Finance or VC for the clean economy

In Your Inbox: VC vs Project Finance for clean economy investing; evaluating solar panel recycling; TrueAlgae is making high quality algae; Carbon Capture investing heats up

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Electric plane startup acquired

In Your Inbox: An interview with Ampaire, which got acquired; Flowaste’s pre-seed round led by Plug & Play Ventures; An interview with Revterra who makes a high performance flywheel energy storage system

The Impact Feb 15 2021

A startup making smart gravel from plastics

Why GreenTech Media shut down; a startup recycling hard to recycle plastics; Alba Group partners with Singapore to recycle e-waste; Contrarian Climate Ep.1 Bitcoin and Climate Change

Feb 1 2021 The Impact Newsletter

Storing energy in ice cream

In Your Inbox: Storing energy in ice cream, startup Axiom Cloud raises a round for their software that makes refrigerators more efficient; A conversation with mobius

$100M gets you the largest virtual power plant

In Your Inbox: Highlighting how coffee grounds can be used as oil or even hand sanitizer; How mycelium as leather can be a sustainable alternative to traditional leather; Breaking down what the $100M OhmConnect round means for the future of the electric grid

Plug Power raises ~$1B to build Hydrogen Network

In Your Inbox: How Aum Energy has created a low-carbon, renewable natural gas solution; Plug Power raises $1B to build a Nation-Wide Hydrogen network; Mississippi Power is piloting “smart neighborhoods”

A candid conversation between energy experts

In Your Inbox: Upcycled Coffee startup raises seed round; The potential policy impacts of ZETA, the EV lobbying group; An amazing TED conversation between John Doerr and Hal Harvey

The solar industry is consolidating fast…

The Impact To: The Impact Readers Howdy 🤠 Did you go vote? Awesome, continue reading! In Your Inbox: Apeel Sciences raises $30M; Panelclaw get’s acquired and

Why investors are Short on ESG Funds

The Impact To: The Impact Readers Howdy 🎃 Have you ever checked out a Tesla solar roof install? Not the marketing stuff or the videos

The year of net zero pledges

The Impact To: The Impact Readers Boo 🎃 It’s the month of Halloween, which means I finally have the excuse I needed to break out

Jeff Bezos in energy

Using leftovers to tackle climate change??

In Your Inbox: Startup automating trash sorting; Small acquisitions with big impact; Big moves for big tech in the energy industry; and an awesome interview with Renewal Mills!

Ford Flexes 1,400 HP The Impact

1,400 HP electric SUV 😲

In Your Inbox: What it’s going to take to decarbonize the grid; the impact of EVs on the electric grid; Ford’s 1,400 HP EV; Station A raises $3M to automate the discovery of carbon reducing strategies for entire cities; and more!

July 20, 2020 The Impact Newsletter

$200M for non-dairy milk 🥛

In Your Inbox: Plants that pull CO2 out of the air finally make financial sense; Hydrogen super cars and new pipeline development; Oatly raises $200M for non dairy milk; and public sector support for energy storage.

The Impact July 13 2020

Your Bank Might Be Funding Oil 🛢️

In Your Inbox: Deconstructing the Sunrun & Vivint Acquisition; An analysis of Sodium Ion Batteries; Planting trees isn’t enough and A New BIG FEET PODCAST featuring Ravi Mikkelsen

June 15 2020 Impact

The biggest solar farm in America…

NKLA stock surge and reopening the conversation between HEV vs BEV; Microgrids in California get a boost; Gemini Solar Project and Tesla’s V3 Solar Roof Tiles!

New circuit breakers go digital

In Your Inbox: Digital circuit breakers continue to raise capital, emissions are set to rise all over again and natural gas is still a critical part of resiliency planning.

How To Deploy Sustainable Capital

The Impact To: The Impact Readers Howdy 🤠 Thank you to everyone supporting our push for open source research and tools to help educate the

May 25, 2020 | Newsletter

Our first open source research project

In Your Inbox: Open source research efforts; De-Mystifying the conversation around the 1 Million Mile battery; Using your EV to help the grid and the trend of setting negative emission goals.

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The burnout is real…

In your inbox: the humidity is coming way sooner than expected; emissions are expected to skyrocket and microplastics have made it into the air.

Companies Begin To Get Cabin Fever

In Your Inbox: Data Centers experiment with load shifting; SoCal Gas is getting cabin fever from Quarantine and picking fights; Musk continues to tweet – this time about suing Alameda County

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Tesla wants to make an HVAC 🔥/❄️ solution for your home…

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla – which makes Electric Vehicles – now wants to make the “best HVAC” solution for your home; transparent solar panels are in the pilot phase; EPA temporarily dropping regulations on pollution and Hydrogen vs. Battery Electric debate begins to heat up even more.

The Impact Newsletter March 23, 2020

The smell of fresh air 🙌

Nikola Motor Co and their Hydrogen Powered Trucks and the even more massive assortment of solar panel selections for your home; Emissions are down since the winter 2019; and how the way utilities handle solar deployments can cause the slowing of solar adoption

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