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The year of net zero pledges

The Impact To: The Impact Readers Boo 🎃 It’s the month of Halloween, which means I finally have the excuse I needed to break out

Jeff Bezos in energy

Using leftovers to tackle climate change??

In Your Inbox: Startup automating trash sorting; Small acquisitions with big impact; Big moves for big tech in the energy industry; and an awesome interview with Renewal Mills!

Ford Flexes 1,400 HP The Impact

1,400 HP electric SUV 😲

In Your Inbox: What it’s going to take to decarbonize the grid; the impact of EVs on the electric grid; Ford’s 1,400 HP EV; Station A raises $3M to automate the discovery of carbon reducing strategies for entire cities; and more!

July 20, 2020 The Impact Newsletter

$200M for non-dairy milk 🥛

In Your Inbox: Plants that pull CO2 out of the air finally make financial sense; Hydrogen super cars and new pipeline development; Oatly raises $200M for non dairy milk; and public sector support for energy storage.

The Impact July 13 2020

Your Bank Might Be Funding Oil 🛢️

In Your Inbox: Deconstructing the Sunrun & Vivint Acquisition; An analysis of Sodium Ion Batteries; Planting trees isn’t enough and A New BIG FEET PODCAST featuring Ravi Mikkelsen

July 6 2020 The Impact

🔋 Batteries make electricity cheaper

In Your Inbox: A conversation around grid modernization; car manufacturers unlock cheaper batteries; how ESS reduces the cost of microgrids and energy in general!

June 15 2020 Impact

The biggest solar farm in America…

NKLA stock surge and reopening the conversation between HEV vs BEV; Microgrids in California get a boost; Gemini Solar Project and Tesla’s V3 Solar Roof Tiles!

New circuit breakers go digital

In Your Inbox: Digital circuit breakers continue to raise capital, emissions are set to rise all over again and natural gas is still a critical part of resiliency planning.

How To Deploy Sustainable Capital

The Impact To: The Impact Readers Howdy 🤠 Thank you to everyone supporting our push for open source research and tools to help educate the

May 25, 2020 | Newsletter

Our first open source research project

In Your Inbox: Open source research efforts; De-Mystifying the conversation around the 1 Million Mile battery; Using your EV to help the grid and the trend of setting negative emission goals.

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The burnout is real…

In your inbox: the humidity is coming way sooner than expected; emissions are expected to skyrocket and microplastics have made it into the air.

Companies Begin To Get Cabin Fever

In Your Inbox: Data Centers experiment with load shifting; SoCal Gas is getting cabin fever from Quarantine and picking fights; Musk continues to tweet – this time about suing Alameda County

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🛢️ 800k tonnes of Hydrogen a year

The Impact To: The Impact Readers Greetings! 🧐 Spring seems to be finally here, even though we saw some snow earlier this week in NY. The environment is

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Tesla wants to make an HVAC 🔥/❄️ solution for your home…

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla – which makes Electric Vehicles – now wants to make the “best HVAC” solution for your home; transparent solar panels are in the pilot phase; EPA temporarily dropping regulations on pollution and Hydrogen vs. Battery Electric debate begins to heat up even more.

The Impact Newsletter March 23, 2020

The smell of fresh air 🙌

Nikola Motor Co and their Hydrogen Powered Trucks and the even more massive assortment of solar panel selections for your home; Emissions are down since the winter 2019; and how the way utilities handle solar deployments can cause the slowing of solar adoption

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