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MARCH 16, 2020

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We have recently launched The Impact – a biweekly email newsletter covering the latest news in the renewables & clean-tech space. Informative, witty, and everything you need to start making an impact.

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As we grow on this journey together, keep an eye out for more in depth articles, explainers, podcasts, videos, and a whole lot more!

🧬 Science
  • Can cows actually be a part of solving climate change? Scientists say it’s all about how we farm – regenerative agriculture sequesters carbon, rejuvenates soil, and makes for a strong and compact crop yield that’s more resilient to drought. [CNN]

  • Nasa Satellites show Greenland and Antarctica are cumulatively losing ice at a rate of 428 gigatonnes per year. But how do you visualise a gigatonne? [NASA]

  • Researchers confirm that the extreme conditions that caused Australia’s recent wildfires are 30% more likely to occur because of human-caused climate change. They say climate changes influence was likely even greater. [NYT]


📟 Technology

  • GM thinks it can beat Tesla in the battle of the battery! They claim their new design will give their cars 400 miles of range and will be cheaper to produce than Tesla’s. We’ll see if they can deliver. [CNN]
  • The LA electric plane startup Wright Electric expects their flagship model to enter service in 2027-2030. They have a partnership with EasyJet, and see it as the next step in aviation. [CleanTechnica]
  • A new and potentially game-changing solid battery formula – it uses a solid polymer conductor (opposed to a liquid conductor) and could be a big step towards cheaper, safer, and more efficient batteries. [WIRED]

📃 Policy & Finance
  • An Interior Department official has been inserting misleading and false language about climate change into the agency’s environmental studies and impact reports. [NYT]

  • New bills in a handful of states let prosecutors seek “lengthy prison terms and steep fines for people who trespass on or damage ‘critical infrastructure’ facilities” (read environmental protestors, and Oil and Gas infrastructure) – here’s the low-down of how these new laws are playing out in court. [Inside Climate News]

  • It’s not just their products– now companies are marketing their brand as Carbon neutral. Vox explains what these terms really mean and how to identify actual corporate commitment from greenwashing. [VOX]

  • Oregon Republicans staged a walk-out to protest and kill a cap-and-trade bill introduced to the legislature. By exploiting an arcane constitutional provision they’re able to exert veto power over the entire legislature. There are worries this tactic could be exported to other states with similar laws. [OBP]

🔖 The Green Room
We don’t only give you the news about how our species affects the planet, but the information you need to stop it!

On the bulletin this week… Learn what your carbon footprint is – even if it’s a rough estimate. This will help you understand your personal impact on the planet and identify the big polluters so you can start to cut back on your emissions.

Want to check it out? Take a look at the EPA’s household carbon calculator (they also provide an excel version).


📻 Podcast | Big Feet

 This week on Big Feet… Hello! 

We’re taking a minute to introduce ourselves and lay out what the show is about – HINT: We’re going to follow the journey to discover what it takes to live more efficiently and reduce our carbon footprints.

We’ll be meeting up with the experts and going in-depth with them on specific questions like What does a carbon footprint mean? Can driving an EV actually be less efficient? How do solar panels actually work? Are we in a solar boom? And so much more!

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