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Do carbon offsets really reduce emissions?

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Maybe the rainbow is coming soon for the climate as well…

Want to know if climate change can be stopped in a fun video? Here is a hand picked one fresh off the press.

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Water Filtration Tech Is Necessary For A Sustainable Future

Water filtration technology can reduce the amount of water we need during filtration processes. (Image: Aqua Membranes)

Aqua Membranes, a startup changing the membrane filtration industry with its unique 3D printed spacer technology for water filtration, announced $2.1M in financing. The fundraise will accelerate the production of energy-saving water filtration technology.

Why does this matter?

  • Membrane filtration has become the leading method of treating water and wastewater streams for the last 40 years. However, there have been few solutions that reduce costs while minimizing membrane fouling, which results in decreased output and expensive maintenance.
  • Aqua Membranes is creating technology to reduce the energy requirements for the world’s purified water needs.
  • “Reverse osmosis water filtration is utilized in almost every industry we encounter daily. Every day, 277 gigawatt-hours of electricity are used just to convert seawater into 25 billion gallons of drinkable water,” said Craig Beckman, CEO of Aqua Membranes.
  • Aqua Membranes, Inc. has the potential to mitigate 2.5 gigatons of carbon emissions between now and 2050 through better water filtration technology – higher efficiency, and lower cost.
  • Their technology optimizes flow patterns and turbulence through the membranes to minimize the entrapment of particulates and organic fouling (longer lifetime and less maintenance). Due to an increase in efficiency, costs per gallon of water is less than conventional systems.

What’s next?

  • Their next-gen water filtration technology increases the effectiveness of reverse osmosis while dramatically reducing the energy requirements.
  • Aqua Membranes advantages include lower cost and less waste, which are already proven, are only the beginning. This technology improves the performance of existing membrane applications and expands its potential applications.
  • The innovation is not limited to spiral wound membrane elements and can be used in many other filtration and separation applications including desalination, food processing, and residential and mobile reverse osmosis.


Reverse osmosis seems to be an overlooked aspect in cleantech. However, the truth is that improvements in underlying process technology can have positive impact to inputs/resources to a process. Aqua Membranes’ underlying technology improvement decreases energy usage and increases system efficiency. Process hardware is ready for a disruption for the better – to innovate upon current processes to make them more resource efficient.

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Carbon Offsets Driving Reforestation

Pachama is using AI to verify reforestation efforts are delivering impact. (Image: Pachama)

Let me begin by saying Pachama is one of my favorite up and coming startups that has entered into the market selling carbon offsets to corporations.

Carbon offsets are an interesting business and my general view of the space used to be “a legal tax write-off with no quantifiable impact”. Pachama is one of the leading companies solving this core issue of validating the impact of carbon credits/offsets.

Reforestation efforts naturally need and require significant capital which is what these credits often provide in exchange for tax basis reduction.

Pachama Ensures Those Funds Actually Reduce Carbon Emissions

GPS was huge when the US opened it up to the private sector and now satellite imagery paired Machine Learning algorithms is paving the way to validating reforestation efforts are actually delivering impact.

With this level of technology in hand Pachama brings the ability to now put real value behind every single carbon credit they sell to these corporations – while helping them meet their sustainability goals and carbon reduction targets.

With customers like Microsoft and Shopify already on board with Pachama it shows that there is real value towards the earth and corporations alike when carbon credits actually function.

Pachama has recently closed a $5M Seed Extension round

With big name participants ranging from Breakthrough Energy Ventures to Amazon Climate Pledge Fund – Pachama has real firepower backing it now enabling it to truly scale through a pandemic and a potential upcoming recession.

Carbon offsets can truly be a way to quickly reduce emissions for large corporations while also delivering a global positive impact.


Why Venture Capital Needs Morals – With Joel Solomon

How to use capitalism to drive social progress with Joel Solomon. In this episode, he shows how we can use money to drive positive impact in the world.

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