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Is QuantumScape’s breakthrough significant?

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East Coast seems to be preparing for a rough winter – snow is in the forecast…which likely means more outages.

If and when batteries can be demonstrated as a financially viable investment when compared to generators we might see more people on the east coast making the jump to home batteries like Powerwalls.

The battery market is pretty interesting right now – we cover that below.

In Your Inbox: How data can be used to make waste streams green; QuantumScape’s new battery breakthrough; Highlighting the QuantumScape battery zoom demonstration


Analytics That Turn Waste - Green

Analytics drive orgs to achieve zero waste. (Image: Zabble)

This week Nik Balachandran, Founder and CEO of Zabble, discusses what he is working on and the broader waste management sector.

Can you describe what Zabble does and its impact?

Zabble’s mission is to enable organizations to achieve zero waste by delivering real-time actionable insights. We have developed a 360-degree zero-waste management platform that: 1) helps universities and hospitals monitor their waste streams within their buildings, and 2) automates invoices received from the haulers to extract service levels, costs and any anomalous charges. We help our clients create campaigns to reduce contamination, find alternatives to generate less waste and stay on top of their waste bills and service levels with real-time analytics. We are the only software platform that provides hyper granular data to pinpoint the source of contamination down to the area within the buildings, whether it’s in the loading dock or in a recycling bin on a certain floor.

What does current ecosystem look like, and how does Zabble add value?

The current ecosystem consists of service providers that are large consulting firms. These firms manually parse through invoices to provide a limited number of charts lacking insights, and they also conduct one-time waste audits that are not reflective of the changing nature of waste in buildings. There are also software companies who primarily work with haulers and municipalities to streamline data collection and operational analytics, but these efforts are not in the best interests of large waste generators.

Zabble automates the end-to-end pipeline of waste data collection and analytics to deliver real-time actionable insights directly to our client’s mobile devices, emails, and their own customized interactive web dashboard.

We are constantly innovating by incorporating new technology as we seek to streamline data collection and analytics. For example, we recently soft launched Zabble Zero AI™, a feature that automatically suggests how full a bin is from analyzing an image and also recommends items that shouldn’t be in there based on the jurisdiction. We can do this because our customers and the industry is constantly giving us feedback on what type of information makes it easy for them to implement and track zero waste initiatives. Ultimately, we help our clients and their communities see less waste go to landfills, unlock new opportunities to implement waste reduction techniques, help decrease their environmental footprint, and become sustainability champions.

What are the current trends in the sector? What does the future look like?

The industry is definitely moving towards more automation. Currently, material recycling facilities are getting fitted with robots that automatically sort items on a belt and provide instant waste characterization. We also see smart sensors on trucks and dumpsters that can identify items being tossed. We want to buck the trend by involving people in the equation because it is ultimately people that make decisions that impact their surroundings. So, we are building tools that enhance people’s work and empower them to report issues with contamination and other operational aspects of building waste management because they know their leadership is listening to them and is making the right choice for their workplace. At the same time, all mundane aspects of data collection and analytics are automated for instant delivery of actionable insights to stakeholders. The future is an intelligent closed loop ecosystem where humans are connected to their environment and can see first-hand how their decisions impact it.

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Is QuantumScape's Breakthrough The Real Deal?

The implementation of Graphene in QuantumScape's batteries may yield solid state lithium cells to make it into the market finally. (Image: QuantumScape)

QuantumScape recently announced their breakthrough in developing a solid state battery cell. This new cell can charge to 80% within 15 minutes – while also packing an energy density significantly higher than the best lithium ion batteries on the market.

Why does this matter?


  • This would be significant for EVs entering into the market should these initial lab tests prove to be true when third party certification agencies begin to evaluate it
  • Safety during fast charging would be a significant breakthrough enabling many to get around the issue of range anxiety
  • Over the next few years we are likely to see significant progress towards validating this new cell structure with the solid electrode that QuantumScape is pushing
  • For most people watching the battery space, these kind of breakthrough claims tend to never turn into a commercial product, but the video demonstration of results – which seem to be beyond basic lab results show promise that this could be the next significant jump in cell chemistry and energy density

What’s next?


  • Besides the stock likely to jump as these results continue to be verified we expect to see many more public displays of this tech
  • QuantumScape’s partnership with VW will likely result in expedited manufacturing of these new cells
  • New EV models by VW will likely contain QuantumScape prototype cells in the coming years as they begin to truly field test the real world performance of the cells
  • Challenges with cell expansion, cold temperature charging will likely show its impact as QuantumScape’s engineers begin to assemble field models


Breakthroughs are always claimed by companies in the energy hardware space – however rarely are there companies that actually have made substantial progress towards move current technology forward. QuantumScape’s history of research out of Stanford, to pivoting to new chemistries and rockstar team of researchers gives us confidence QuantumScape is the real deal.

Should they be successful in commercializing these cells it would open up pandoras box in the EV world, allowing all existing car manufacturers to level the playing field in the range & performance category with the likes of Tesla – who have the head start today.


QuantumScape: Solid-State Battery Showcase

QuantumScape ran a 1 Hour+ demonstration where they showed out how they will enable EVs to truly break the range & fast charging barrier with their new solid state lithium batteries. This video is a must watch for anyone interested in analyzing the results QuantumScape has collected from their internal testing of this new architecture.

Naturally, we found this highly interesting to see what QuantumScape has achieved over the last 10 years.

Writers: Swarnav S Pujari, Ian Sumner, Daniel Kriozere

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