Sequestering carbon in the built environment

🤔 We need more hardtech solutions to fight climate change… Software will not be enough to decarbonize the globe. But even you may realize that to commercialize a hardware solution with decarbonization potential – it’s expensive, costly and time consuming. Expertise makes it affordable and genuinely possible to bring frontier climate technologies to market. This is why we’ve gotten […]

Making sense of carbon capture

Carbon capture is a critical sector required for global decarbonization. (Image: Envato)

🌳 Everyone should understand the carbon cycle; 🚧 Yotta Energy is making storage easy to deploy on commercial buildings; ⚗️ Vistex Composites: enabling broader adoption of composites with improved manufacturing methods

Storing hydrogen in an unconventional way

Storing energy in Hidrilyte. (Image: ICL Innovation)

🔋 Using Hidrilyte As The Chemistry For Long Duration Storage
They utilize a liquid which they call Hidrilyte to store hydrogen for long duration storage applications

Carbon taxes in EU

An aggressive carbon tax is in the Green EU Deal. (Image: Unsplash)

🌳 Breaking down the aggressive carbon tax included in the Green EU Deal; 🍅 How an alternative to mineral salts can help vertical farming deliver truly organic foods

Air-source vs. Ground-source heat pumps

The argument for air source heat pumps over ground source heat pumps. (Image: Green Square)

☀️ Solar Cell innovation can unlock hyper-growth for the solar industry… Leading Edge’s CEO sat down with Daniel Kriozere to share how he plans to help take their new cell architecture get to market after a 10-year lab incubation period and deliver higher power and larger solar panels.

Net Zero by 2050: Here’s how we make it

We need a different approach to hit net zero by 2050. (Image: Unsplash)

The Impact To: The Impact Readers Howdy 👋 We have some big deep dives coming up in the next few weeks. Can’t tell you how excited I am to share what our awesome team is working on. Curious what’s coming? Well you’ll have to stay tuned 🙃 – Swarnav S Pujari In Your Inbox: How to reach […]