Leveraging Existing Infrastructure To Generate & Store Energy

Hyperlight Energy is an energy generation company building directly upon the existing infrastructure of legacy O&G. Hyperlight focuses on those wells that leverage enhanced oil recovery (EOR) as the basis for their two-part energy generation and storage solution.

The Biomass Replacement For Diesel • Farm to Flame Energy

Farm to Flame Energy (Cleantech Open 2020) Startup Report

Farm to Flame Energy replaces dirty and expensive diesel generators with biomass generators that operate at half the cost. By replacing diesel generators with Farm to Flame Energy’s technology, 250K tons of CO2 can be abated from diesel generators per year by 2026.

The Spheromak Approach To Fusion • CTFusion

The world is moving towards clean energy sources. (Image: CTFusion)

Fusion is a suitable replacement for fossil fuels because it is carbon-free and provides equal or greater reliability with higher power density working in concert with conventional renewables to provide deep decarbonization across the entire energy ecosystem.

The Future of Solar

A new type of approach to building solar panels. (Image: NovaSolix)

NovaSolix is developing a new solar device that will generate the cleanest and cheapest form of energy on Earth by converting all light in the solar spectrum.

Helping Green Hydrogen grow with… Oil Storage Assets?

Storing energy in Hidrilyte. (Image: ICL Innovation)

Carbon 280 has basically developed a liquid battery, except rather than holding energy in the traditional electrochemical sense (i.e. lithium-ion battery), they have developed a material called hidrilyte which enables them to store hydrogen in a mineral-based magnesium oil. It is one of the few technologies I have come across that manages to improve its storage capacity with each cycle rather than diminish, and CO2 is never emitted during their process.

Building the utility of the future to support 100% EV adoption

Driving us quickly towards 100% EV adoption. (Image: Unsplash)

In a significant milestone for the development of its microgrid technology, ElectricFish has been issued a patent that uniquely covers the creation of a “utility of the future” that is built of locally decentralized energy storage units and dynamically optimizes energy to enable a seamless and grid-resilient transition to EV charging.

Oil wells for clean energy production and storage

Finding a way to repurpose oil wells for the clean energy transition. (Image: Unsplash)

Renewell Energy’s timing may be opportune as they’re working on a prototype in Texas and it should be ready to test in mid-July as the White House’s pending infrastructure plan includes about $17B to remediate oil wells, which is what Renewell would like to do.

YellowTin – Helping Electrify America

Explore, learn, plan and consider clean energy choices at your own pace, with your own data. (Image: Emile)

Corporations and municipalities are working to meet greenhouse gas emissions reductions commitments. Additionally, many states in the US have announced climate action plans with a greenhouse gas reduction target. YellowTin is here to help by providing a clean electrification platform to engage residential consumers to advance their decarbonization goals.

A World Powered by Algae

Manta Biofuel

Manta Biofuel is using algae to make a cost-competitive, renewable replacement for crude oil. They closed >$1.3M in seed capital

Startup Storing Energy in Ice Cream

Axiom Cloud

Before Axiom Cloud there was Axiom Energy. Both companies were set out to make commercial refrigerators efficient. Axiom Cloud made it out.

LAVO is building hydrogen based batteries for your home

LAVO Hydrogen Battery

LAVO is betting that hydrogen becomes ubiquitous in the residential/consumer space as well – proposing a 40 kWh hydrogen battery that competes with the Powerwall 2 – which has 3x less capacity than the first iteration of a hydrogen battery from LAVO.

A Bright Outlook for Solar

SunDensity just closed their $2.5M initial round of financing, which was led by Clean Energy Ventures. SunDensity has developed a photonic smart coating (PSC) technology that increases the power output of any solar module by as much as 20%. The coating turns blue photons red, allowing for greater absorption.

“Dirt Cheap” Hydrogen Production Is Nearly Here

Compared to other green hydrogen producers, SGH2’s process displaces 23-31 tons of carbon dioxide (others displace 10-12 tons) and requires only 1.8 kWh per kg of hydrogen (others require 62 kWh per kg of hydrogen).

Pulling Water Out of Thin Air With Solar Panels

Zero Mass Water Raises $50M

Zero Mass Water raised $50M this past week to further the development and deployments of it’s Hydropanels which provide clean drinking water to communities, commercial and industrial properties in over 45 countries.

Historical Sites can now host Solar

freesuns solar

Freesuns – which has been designing and piloting a “tesla solar roof” equivalent product for historic buildings where they utilize their tile like design to maintain the historic building’s roof look and feel.

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