Joule Case – An Electric Alternative To Diesel Generators

Stackable batteries make it possible to deploy backup power wherever and whenever. (Image: Joule Case)
Stackable batteries make it possible to deploy backup power wherever and whenever. (Image: Joule Case)

As more electric appliances are integrating into our modern lifestyles, such as smart home devices and electric vehicles, we need a reliable source of energy to power our day-to-day. As more devices are turning from gas to electric, Joule Case could be the perfect energy source.

Joule Case is a module battery system that can stack and does not require an installer, unlike other energy generators. This means it is a versatile option with a variety of different scenarios. It is purposely designed to have all the building blocks to make portable temporary backup systems that can replace products in the marketplace.

Why does this matter?

  • There are many risks with traditional generators:
  • Most generator-related fatalities are caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. This was the case during Hurricane Laura – more than half of the people that died during the hurricane was due to improper use of diesel portable generators.
  • Without the proper venting and electrical requirements, carbon monoxide can be created in food trucks.
  • Traditional diesel generators can pose a fire hazard to the surrounding environment.

What is next?

  • Joule Case is providing a safe alternative to traditional diesel generators.
  • Joule Case can provide more affordable grid resilience, especially in states that have weak grid systems such as California and Texas.
  • Joule Case has been successful in direct online sales and has secured large contracts from solar installers. Additionally, they have had success powering music festivals. With music festivals and other pop-up events like fairs are coming back, vendors will likely rather rent generators.
  • The company has patents on a simple home grid connection cord and its dual case product, which allows Joule Case’s engineers to consistently integrate the most advanced battery systems.
  • The battery system market is about $3B in 2020 and will be projected to grow to almost $12B by 2025. Pre-pandemic, more than $1.5B was being spent annually on diesel generators in the US alone.


In the future, the battery storage space will get more efficient: smaller and increasingly powerful. This will provide new opportunities for accessibility and convenience. Joule Case puts safety first and offers another solution to help homes become resilient, and not rely on the grid for energy.

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Javin Chan

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