Why Venture Capital Needs Morals – With Joel Solomon

How to use capitalism to drive social progress with Joel Solomon. In this episode, he shows how we can use money to drive positive impact in the world.

Renewal Funds: http://www.renewalfunds.com/
Clean Money Revolution: https://www.joelsolomon.org/


Covid 19 Impact on Sustainability

It can be tough to get into the zone and sometimes impossible to measure up to pre-COVID levels. But we live in a different world now – life is different, so productivity needs to be measured differently, too.


You probably know about the giant floating Great Pacific Garbage Patch. But not all Plastic floats. Human activity is creating garbage patches on the ocean floor, too. Specifically micro-plastics. Specifically in biodiversity hotspots.

Your A/C Probably Sucks. With Liam Berryman

There’s no one magic bullet to solving the climate crisis – there are many different solutions we need…tune in as Ian Sumner speaks with Liam Berryman about what role material science plays in solving the climate crisis, and why your A/C Sucks.

Shell Didn’t Really Just Make That Investment…


Fascinating week in oil! As you may have seen in the headlines, oil prices went negative. Specifically West Texas Intermediate (the benchmark for US crude oil) oil price went negative for two days because they’re traded as futures contracts. Production has barely changed but usage has sunk so we have way more supply than we can even […]


Covid 19 Impact on Sustainability

Sometimes we need a little break from the news. There’s no good about the unseen enemy that leaves serious illness, death, and mass anxiety in its wake (and that just COVID-19 – we’re not even going to start on the economy).

You Can Be As Impactful As A Celebrity. With Debbie Levin

Debbie Levin | Big Feet Ep. 1

You Can Be As Impactful As A Celebrity… tune in as Ian Sumner speaks with Debbie Levin, CEO of The Environmental Media Association, about how you can use social media to communicate sustainability and have as much impact as a celebrity.

Strike 3!! Coal is OUT–

Economically, Coal is Out Right now, in every major market, it’s cheaper to make new investments in renewables than in coal. According to Carbon Tracker, if governments and investors don’t cancel coal projects they stand to lose more than $600 billion. AND by 2030 it will be cheaper to build new renewable energy than to […]

We Can Still Save Our Oceans

We Can Restore Our Ocean’s Within 30 Years – But We Have To Act Now A major new scientific review says that we have a narrow window of opportunity to be able to restore the world’s oceans to their “former glory” within a generation. So we have this window – what’s the prescription? In order to […]

Renewable Energy Needs Grids With Long-Duration Storage – We’re Almost There

There’s no getting around the fact: renewable energy required grids have long-duration storage, and we just don’t have that infrastructure in place yet. It makes sense – operating a fully renewable grid is a lot different than running one fossil-fuel based. For starters, where operators could power up and down a natural gas plant however […]

🦠 😷 COVID19: The Solar Edition 🤒 🧻

Covid 19 Impact on Sustainability

Damn it, Jim, we’re – well, no, we’re not doctors. And we’re not here to talk about COVID19 itself, but the effects it has on industries. This week, COVID19: The Solar Edition. California Usually Has Too Much Solar Energy – COVID19 Means Wasting Even More of it. Even in a normal year, California grid operator CAISO […]

EPA Suspends Environmental Rules Enforcement In Response To Covid19

City Smog

Last week we talked about how lower economic activity can mean lower emissions (until they come roaring back on the up-turn). It’s – at the very least – a slim silver lining to economic disruption. But the white house has different plans. EPA Suspends Environmental Rules Enforcement In Response To Covid19 Last week we talked […]

Do you even know what a carbon footprint is? With Victoria Beall

Victoria Beall | Big Feet Ep. 1

Our carbon footprints are much larger than we think…tune in as Ian Sumner speaks with Victoria Beall about how you can understand what a carbon footprint even means and what you can do about it!
Break down what composting is, green-washing associated with bio-plastics and how do we remove the need for single use plastics?

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