Covid 19 Impact on Sustainability
Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

We’re all feeling it – it’s hard to be productive during COVID. With the neverending onslaught of worrying/depressing/frustrating 2020 news. With the sudden uncertainty of the next few weeks, let alone months. With a jolting shift to working at home surrounded by your family without a coworker in sight.

It can be tough to get into the zone and sometimes impossible to measure up to pre-COVID levels. But we live in a different world now – life is different, so productivity needs to be measured differently, too.

CGP Grey dropped a new video this week on how to stay sane, mentally & physically ok, and get through this pandemic. We couldn’t have said it better, so it’s embedded here. 100% worth a watch!

Beyond The Great Lockdown, it’s also just fantastic general life advice, as well as an especially relevant place to start to get through a depressive episode.

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