Covid 19 Impact on Sustainability
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Sometimes we need a little break from the news. There’s no good about the unseen enemy that leaves serious illness, death, and mass anxiety in its wake (and that just COVID-19 – we’re not even going to start on the economy).

But as some parts of the country enter week 7 under shelter-in-place orders, we thought we could all use some good news and happy thoughts. After hours-long facetimes with friends we turned to discussing the (however morbid) silver linings of COVID-19, so today we’re sharing a few of the not-so-morbid:

Less Pollution
Carbon dioxide emissions could fall by the largest amount since WWII. We could be seeing up to a 5% drop in carbon dioxide emissions this year – just in time. Decreasing emissions will mitigate some of the impacts of climate change.

Connecting More
Despite not being able to see them in person our grandparents are getting so many more calls from us than before. And our friends. And our parents. We’re in a time of crisis but it hasn’t taken away our innate desire to socialise and connect – and we’re lucky enough to be in a time where we’re able to connect at distance.

Cleaning Out Our Closets
OH IT’S SPRING. It took a global pandemic but our closets and junk drawers are more organised than ever before. Now time for every other cabinet in the house. And the Garage. Then the basement 😰

Commutes are Canceled
As we are stuck inside our homes your vacations may be canceled but hey– so is your commute! And traveling less is great for the environment, too!

You Can Finally Catch Up On That Show
AND see the insides of late-night hosts’ houses!

So, yes, we still need to figure out sustainable ways to continually reduce carbon dioxide emissions beyond the pandemic, and your junk drawer will fill up again. But in times of crisis, we have a chance, to value what’s truly important, to grow as we learn from new challenges, and to change when the time comes that we can stand back up. So take a little moment to be happy about something. It may feel weird for some, but you deserve a smile every once-in-a-while.

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