Shopify: How a leading commerce company buys carbon removal

THE TL;DR 💨: Shopify purchases carbon removal directly from individual suppliers, as well as through partnerships with companies like for highly local solutions like biochar.; Stacy’s take: we need to do more work on permanence research for solutions like biochar to scale in a meaningful way.

Shopify: Investing in climate to future-proof entrepreneurship

THE TL;DR 💨: Shopify’s climate program is deeply intertwined with their mission to support entrepreneursip — the company recognizes climate change as a critical threat to small businesses.; Their climate program delivers value to their merchants and “gives them superpowers” via easy access to vetted science-backed business solutions.

Takachar: A Win-Win For Farmers And Air Quality In Rural India

Takachar Impact Startup Report

Takachar is focused on deploying small scale portable equipment to convert waste biomass into resources such as fuel, fertilizer, and biochar. Instead of burning agricultural or forestry waste, responsible for major air quality impacts in India and beyond, farmers and utilities can use Takachar’s small scale portable equipment to convert that waste into a biochar based fertilizer blend.

Biomass-Based Carbon Removal

Biochar (Image: Unsplash)

Here, we’ll focus on biomass-based carbon removal. On a basic level, this means that biomass, typically waste biomass, is converted through some process into a more stable form.

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