Sniffer Robotics Sets The Standard For Detecting Methane Leaks And Gas Emissions

Sniffer Robotics Sets The Standard For Detecting Methane Leaks And Gas Emissions

Leak detection and emissions quantification are wildly significant data points for effective control over pollution
Sniffer Robotics is a technology as a service company that leverages innovative technology to automate gas emissions detection and management services
Sniffer Robotics’ technology provides data-rich, actionable information that allows clients to transform operations to quickly analyze and address emissions issues digitally

Takachar: A Win-Win For Farmers And Air Quality In Rural India

Takachar Impact Startup Report

Takachar is focused on deploying small scale portable equipment to convert waste biomass into resources such as fuel, fertilizer, and biochar. Instead of burning agricultural or forestry waste, responsible for major air quality impacts in India and beyond, farmers and utilities can use Takachar’s small scale portable equipment to convert that waste into a biochar based fertilizer blend.

How Extracting Natural Biogas From Lake Kivu Can Prevent A Limnic Eruption

(Image: Envato Elements)

Philip Morkel, Hydragas’ founder, built expertise in major energy projects in Africa over the past 30 years, which includes ins and outs of Lake Kivu. Lake Kivu can extract up to $50 billion in revenues from the lake over at least 50 years. The technology has the potential of managing the arctic permafrost being threatened by climate change.

The Company Scaling Reforestation to One Trillion Trees

How Terraformation is enabling us to scale our reforestation efforts globally. (Image: Terraformation)

Terraformation is working on fighting climate change through scaling reforestation efforts. Their team starts at the ground level for reforestation projects, where they come to assess the land, plan out what seeds and native trees are in the region, plan and monitor using their apps and sustain and scale projects through financing mechanisms such as carbon offsets.

Using Phytoplankton To Sequester Carbon

This week, I had the opportunity to chat with Philip Kithil, CEO, and Salvador Garcia, CRO, from Ocean-Based Climate Solutions to chat about how their Autonomous Upwelling Pump systems are pumping deep-ocean nutrient-rich seawater to fertilize phytoplankton on the ocean surface to sequester carbon.

All Power Labs | Turning forests into clean energy and fertilizer

Process woody biomass into grid tied electricity. (Image: All Power Labs)

All Power Labs (APL) can help California manage the forest fuels that led to these wildfires and can provide clean energy remotely. And, APL’s biochar as output from their biomass conversion process can help sequester carbon in the soil that in turn grows food.

Carbon Offsets Driving Reforestation

Let me begin by saying Pachama is one of my favorite up and coming startups that has entered into the market selling carbon offsets to corporations.

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