The Emerging European a16z

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THE TL;DR 💨: Extantia invests in deep decarbonization technologies that will lead us to a world beyond fossil fuels; Their first go/no-go decision is based on if a startup can reduce greenhouse gases by at least 100Mt or more CO2e per year by 2050

The Leo DiCaprio Backed, Circular Economy Driven VC

Regeneration VC Deep Dive

THE TL;DR 💨: Regeneration.VC is investing in consumer-powered climate innovation that furthers the circular economy; Regeneration.VC’s mission is reimagining and funding the future of the consumer industry; To raise from Regeneration.VC, fill out their intake form online

The Corporate VC In Search Of The Future Of Energy

Shell Ventures Update VC Deep Dive

Shell Ventures is the corporate venture capital arm of Shell that launched a new $1.4B investment fund in December 2021 to invest in three core areas: power, mobility, and industry
Shell Ventures operates as a semi-independent organization with respect to its parent company, acting under its own governance and thesis while helping Shell innovate

Investing to Reduce 2.5 Gt of CO2e

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Clean Energy Ventures is investing in climate tech startups that can reduce 2.5 Gt of CO2e between now and 2050. Clean Energy Ventures is funding and supporting early-stage clean energy startups.

Decarbonize the Economy One Startup at a Time

How to get funded by Volo Earth x Impact

VoLo Earth Ventures is investing in early-stage climate tech companies that are focused on profitable decarbonization. VoLo Earth focuses on the R&D phase and the go-to-market of the products, technologies, and companies it invests in.

Investing At The Intersection Of Impact & Venture • DBL Partners

DBL Partners (DBL) was formed with a “Double Bottom Line” investment strategy to enable social, environmental, and economic improvement, while also investing in companies that can deliver top-tier venture capital returns while working with its portfolio companies.

The Fund That Interacts with Each Portfolio Company 800 Times a Year

(Image: Active Impact Investments)

Active Impact Investments provides capital and talent to accelerate the growth of early-stage climate tech ventures catalyzing the transition from finite to infinite sources of energy, food, water, and products. They typically invest in revenue-generating startups with product-market-fit.

A Fund Identifying Top Climate Founders Before Product Market Fit

How to get funded by Wireframe Ventures. (Image: Wireframe Ventures)

Wireframe Ventures is an early-stage fund investing in founders on a mission to improve the health of people and the planet. Wireframe Ventures likes to be the first check in pre-seed/seed-stage startups and work closely with founders from inception to success. Their capital is early, active, and patient.

Climate Impact Investing at Pale Blue Dot

Pale Blue Dot VC Deep Dive with Updated Logo

Pale Blue Dot is an €87M pre-seed and seed stage ClimateTech fund investing in startups that reduce and reverse the effects of climate change and prepare for a new world. They are trying to fill the gap of providing funding for startups that need between €500K-3M. Pale Blue Dot invests in high conviction, extraordinary founders that are creating climate impact.

How to Get Funded by G2 Venture Partners

G2 Venture Partners (G2) is a venture and growth investing firm focused on emerging technologies driving sustainable transformation

G2 Venture Partners (G2) is a venture and growth investing firm focused on emerging technologies driving sustainable transformation across traditional industries like transportation, manufacturing, agriculture, energy, supply chain, and logistics, which together make up over half of the global economy.

Defining ClimateTech investing

Defining what it means to invest at the pre-seed and seed stage. (Image: Unsplash)

Investments in climate look relatively similar to traditional investing, except for the fact that many of these startups that will truly make a climate impact are science/engineering heavy (hardware/process innovation).

The Future of ClimateTech Investing

How climatetech investing is changing. (Image: Unsplash)

There are many investors entering the climate space. Roughly 1,000 investment firms joined at least 1 climate tech deal from Q2’20 to Q2’21. The volume of investors in the climate market is going to lead to more investments happening earlier in a startup’s life.

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