Leveraging Existing Infrastructure To Generate & Store Energy

Hyperlight Energy is an energy generation company building directly upon the existing infrastructure of legacy O&G. Hyperlight focuses on those wells that leverage enhanced oil recovery (EOR) as the basis for their two-part energy generation and storage solution.

Shining Brightly – The Power Of Off-Grid Companies In Africa

Shining Brightly - The Power Of Off-Grid Companies In Africa

Distributed solar power systems are instrumental in the healthy growth of small, West African communities
DayStar Power provides both solar & hybrid power solutions to reduce local companies’ dependence on fossil fuel generators
Yellow supports the residential sector with “last mile distribution” of off-grid solar and an innovative business model that empowers all of its users in local communities

How African Solar Addresses Energy Inequity

How solar can help rapidly modernize the African electric grid. (Image: Unsplash)

Community solar may not seem like an energy source with enough ground shaking force to make an impactful dent in the goal to reach net zero emissions. However, with scale comes strength. As of the end of Q2 2021, there was an estimated 3.4GW  of community solar installed and available in the US. While this only […]

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