What Is A Nano-Grid And How Do They Enable Micro-Grids

Nano-grid in california

Nano-grids are now becoming all the rage in the market with companies like Span.IO, TouchLight, Peerless-AV and others joining the journey to make the grid optional. What hasn’t been made clear in the market today is why are utilities interested in allowing grid-optional infrastructure to be deployed.

The best way to start to evaluate this is by first understanding nano-grids as a whole – a good article that dives into this is here. Nano-grids in general enable properties to operate independently, meaning the entire solar + storage system is designed like the grid, but on your property. Sizing the solar, batteries and backup generators to ensure that you are self-sufficient.

So why are nano-grids important?

They enable micro-grids in ways that weren’t possible before – especially since some of the most critical issues with enabling micro-grids are the infrastructure issues of how do we ensure we have enough energy storage and solar within communities to cover all energy needs and demand spikes. To add to that there is additional complexity in how to transfer that power between homes when each home may have solar, some solar & storage or no solar at all.

With nano-grids coming before micro-grids it doesn’t require a full ground up rebuild and complex infrastructure challenge from the utility side to manage micro-grids. While it may “reduce” their earnings from electricity sales – their business models are changing and growing nano-grid adoption is proving that some utilities and the market as a whole are going to shift the way the world of electricity is approached and monetized.

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Swarnav S Pujari

Swarnav S Pujari

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Swarnav has over 10 years of experience in the energy & climate tech space, holds 2 patents and is active in the tech, climate and media industries. He specializes in Product/Product Innovation as well as Go-To-Market and Growth Strategy.

By training he’s a Materials Engineer with a background in research from his time at Georgia Tech and University of Illinois (UIUC).

He founded TouchLight a utility backed energy company focused on developing IP for utilities and startups pushing electrification forward. He also serves as the appointed Chairman for the Town of Yorktown’s Climate Smart Communities Task Force, where he helps with drafting legislation and enabling sustainability efforts within the town.

Concurrently, Swarnav founded The Impact to help investors, emerging founders and driven climate enthusiasts discover and identify new climate-tech startups, technologies and opportunities before they hit the traditional media sources.

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