The Seed (g)Round for Coffee

Upcycling has taken over the food industry. Kaffe Bueno is one applying to coffee. (Image: Kaffe Bueno)

Wake up and smell the coffee! Kaffe Bueno, a startup upcycling coffee grounds, raised $1.3M in seed funding. Kaffe Bueno is using green chemistry and biotechnology to extend coffee’s potential – minimizing emissions and maximizing reuse.

Why does this matter?

What’s next?

  • Kaffe Bueno’s current products include Kafflour, a gluten-free and high-protein flour, Kaffe Bueno Oil, a lipid used in food and personal care products, and Kaffibre, a natural exfoliating agent in personal care products.
  • Kaffe Bueno’s upcycling process takes advantage of all of the bioactive molecules within coffee and commercializes them as ingredients. They are continuously researching and developing new products derived from the lipids, proteins, sugars, polyphenols, tocopherols, antioxidants inside spent coffee grounds.
  • The new funding will go towards launching new ingredients over the next couple of years, in addition to growing the company.


We are seeing innovation in both the coffee industry and waste upcycling technology. The coffee industry is prime for disruption, and upcycling technology has been increasing in capabilities. Kaffe Bueno sits at the intersection of the two sectors, where they are filling a need – minimizing waste through upcycling coffee beans. However, there is space for more players to enter the market, which will accelerate this transformation of coffee beans into other products.

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Daniel Kriozere

Daniel Kriozere

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Daniel currently works at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. His original assignment was to maintain and update facility safety documentation for all facilities on-site, and perform risk analysis. Over time, his role has expanded to leading continuous improvement efforts through product management.

Concurrently, Daniel volunteers with Techstars, helping organize startup weekends, and with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, organizing events on the local and national levels of the organization. He also volunteers with One World, and previously with Powerhouse Ventures, to source and screen startups for potential investment.

Daniel holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from UC Davis, and recently completed coursework in energy innovation from Stanford. His passion is at the intersection of sustainability, innovation, and business.

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