🔬 Materials Innovation Is Required For De-Carbonization

Nelumbo raises $14M Series A

This past decade was defined by software – in fact in the energy industry we see many new startups focused purely on software or IoT solutions for utilities & the like. While these can be immensely valuable solutions in the process to carbon neutral – there is no way for us to truly make products more energy efficient & low in carbon emissions if we don’t improve the materials used in the process. 

Nano-technology brings that promise to life enabling longer lasting products and in turn less maintenance or lost resources in production processes. All of which can improve energy efficiency and help the environment. 

One such company leading the charge in the nanotech space is Nelumbo – which is the leading Developer of Advanced-Surface Modifications. Coming off a fresh $14M Series A round the company has been focused on its cooling & HVAC applications. Focused on improving heat exchangers specifically by using their technology to get rid of corrosion and frost issues that plague that component. 

The application of surface coatings with this kind of potential and scalability means possibility of expansion into multiple spaces – ranging from textiles, to production processes. Enabling products with improved performance and reduced environmental impact.

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