Lordstown Motors Doesn’t Excite…That could be a good thing

Lordstown Motors

Honestly we couldn’t tell if this was a political rally hosted by Mike Pence or a launch event of an electric truck where basically the “specs” were – we will beat everyone to market.

Here are the specs we know today:

  • 250 mi range on full charge
  • In Wheel “Hub Motors” reduce losses
  • 4 Motor Drive Train
  • 7,500 lb towing capacity
  • 600 HP | 5.5s 0 – 60 mph

Why is Lordstown Still Interesting?

Because it’s not trying to be the Cybertruck, Badger or Rivian. It’s a modern pickup truck targeted perfectly at a market of people who just want to drive a new pick up truck. Not a fancy tech fueled vehicle with self driving capabilities or modern fuel sources like the badger. It is just an electric pickup truck.

Beyond the fact that there is a business case for what they are building we do have concerns around the topic of “brand loyalty”. With Ford, Toyota and Ram all pushing for Electric variants in the coming years we wonder if Lordstown will bring enough attention from those looking for a workhorse to break away from the big 3.

Being first to market isn’t always the one who sticks around. Rivian, Tesla and Nikola are all slated to release in 2021 as well all targeting small niches within the pickup truck market. It will be interesting to see if Lordstown’s not as exciting launch is a tell tale of how well they will do in the market.

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