Explosive Growth In Residential Solar Held Back By Utilities

Utilities are seemingly in the news weekly.

Sometimes PGE for their lack of ability to just dumb billions into infrastructure redevelopment monthly – which it wouldn’t have come down to if they had been innovating over time… – and sometimes you hear about a midwestern utility like Vectren getting slammed for only giving homeowners $0.03/kWh for pushing solar power back into the grid.

This is not a new issue. All across the midwest ranging from WI Energies to Consumers Energy have all been getting slammed and pressured from advocacy groups about the rates paid for solar net metering.

In Vectren’s territory, based on reports from Lawrence Berkley, solar is actually worth $0.13/kWh.

This is all being calculated based on the resulting savings the utility is receiving for allowing homeowners to net meter into their property.

It’s also not just advocacy groups saying this…in Michigan, SEIA – a trusted organization that lobbies for solar – found that solar in Michigan is actually worth $0.24/kWh.

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Swarnav S Pujari

Swarnav S Pujari

Founder of The Impact

Swarnav has over 10 years of experience in the energy & climate tech space, holds 2 patents and is active in the tech, climate and media industries. He specializes in Product/Product Innovation as well as Go-To-Market and Growth Strategy.

By training he’s a Materials Engineer with a background in research from his time at Georgia Tech and University of Illinois (UIUC).

He founded TouchLight a utility backed energy company focused on developing IP for utilities and startups pushing electrification forward. He also serves as the appointed Chairman for the Town of Yorktown’s Climate Smart Communities Task Force, where he helps with drafting legislation and enabling sustainability efforts within the town.

Concurrently, Swarnav founded The Impact to help investors, emerging founders and driven climate enthusiasts discover and identify new climate-tech startups, technologies and opportunities before they hit the traditional media sources.

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