Proteins From Bugs – But It Tastes Good

When you hear sustainable or alternative proteins, most people often think about plant-based or cell-based meats. However, there’s much more than just meat – there are also other forms of protein, like insects.

What Does The Organic Waste Market Look Like?

We can look to where Europe is today to see where the US will be in a couple years with regards to food waste. There will be a big evolution in consumer sentiment toward sustainability and food waste.

An Interview With Gate 5

Gate 5 was founded in 2011, and the Gate 5 System has recently been recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy as a superior method for processing wastewater solids (sewage sludge) and other organic waste.

An Interview With SolarX

Solutions that are consumer facing are great but are not enough on their own. There needs to be a bigger push for innovation in cold chain and supply chain.

A Conversation With Compost Crew

Compost Crew provides curbside compost collection for thousands of homes in Maryland, Northern Virginia and D.C. and helps many areas businesses to recycle their organic waste.

Company Spotlight on Wasteless

Wasteless is an AI-based tracking solution for grocery stores to offer customers dynamic pricing based on product expiration date, helping retailers optimize markdowns, increasing their profitability.

Using leftovers to tackle climate change??

Jeff Bezos in energy

In Your Inbox: Startup automating trash sorting; Small acquisitions with big impact; Big moves for big tech in the energy industry; and an awesome interview with Renewal Mills!

Renewal Mill Company Spotlight

Renewal Mill

This week, we talked with Caroline Cotto, Co-Founder and COO of Renewal Mill, to discuss how Renewal Mill is looking to the future of food upcycling and organic waste bans.

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