Station A Raises $3M To Make It Easy To Achieve Carbon Neutral

Station A, a software platform that provides insights to make any building carbon-free, just closed their $3M Seed round investment. Investors included Powerhouse Ventures, SE Ventures, Renewal Funds, Southern Company, and Howard Wenger, the former President and CEO of SunPower Systems. Station A’s software estimates the potential amount of solar and energy storage that could be installed on-site at California’s commercial and industrial buildings.

Why does this matter?

  • In 2018, California passed SB-100 California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program: Emissions of Greenhouse Gases to achieve 100% clean energy by 2045. Station A’s software will accelerate California’s goal for clean energy.
  • This solves the complex challenge of tailoring carbon reducing solutions to each property. With Station A’s AI based software it can automate discovery of the best incentives and carbon reducing opportunities for each building

What’s next?

  • The purpose of Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) is to reduce emissions, reduce electricity demand, and reduce customer electricity purchases. Station A developed an application that helps customers determine what SGIP covers for a property. Properties in California will likely opt in to install solar and storage solutions.
  • The adoption of energy management systems in combination with Station A’s software can generate cost saving for customers. Pairing this with software solutions that operate nanogrids or microgrids would make it that much more efficient in the operation of these systems. All of this additional discover being done by Station A could become the go to data lake to tailor how individual homes use and generate power.
  • Station A only manages one piece of the puzzle. Pairing together software and hardware products will be the key to the future. Companies like 75F, where Breakthrough Energy Ventures led 75F’s Series A raise, can decrease the amount of energy demand and storage a property needs. Together with Station A, customers will find cost savings in both their electricity bill and their energy system hardware.

About The Author

Daniel Kriozere

Daniel Kriozere

Independent Contributor 

Daniel currently works at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. His original assignment was to maintain and update facility safety documentation for all facilities on-site, and perform risk analysis. Over time, his role has expanded to leading continuous improvement efforts through product management.

Concurrently, Daniel volunteers with Techstars, helping organize startup weekends, and with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, organizing events on the local and national levels of the organization. He also volunteers with One World, and previously with Powerhouse Ventures, to source and screen startups for potential investment.

Daniel holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from UC Davis, and recently completed coursework in energy innovation from Stanford. His passion is at the intersection of sustainability, innovation, and business.

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