New California Battery Project Could Edge Out Gas Peakers

Grid Scale Storage Replaces Gas Peakers
California is taking a different direction and is making more investments in battery-based grids.

Using battery plants in power peaks is still mostly uncharted territory, but that’s right where the new battery project is aiming. Clean Power Alliance Executive Director Ted Bardacke told Greentech Media, that the goal is to show California that battery plants can handle taking over the peak power role and edge gas peakers out of the market.

The thing to watch in this is the long term economics for a battery based “peaker” solution vs a gas peaker. Batteries have shorter operational life due to the fundamentals behind it but provide a positive environmental impact. As more documents around this project arise we will report further.

The plant is expected to be operational in August 2021, providing power from the northern edge of Los Angeles County in Lancaster.
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