Why Venture Capital Needs Morals – With Joel Solomon

How to use capitalism to drive social progress with Joel Solomon. In this episode, he shows how we can use money to drive positive impact in the world.

Renewal Funds: http://www.renewalfunds.com/
Clean Money Revolution: https://www.joelsolomon.org/

Your A/C Probably Sucks. With Liam Berryman

There’s no one magic bullet to solving the climate crisis – there are many different solutions we need…tune in as Ian Sumner speaks with Liam Berryman about what role material science plays in solving the climate crisis, and why your A/C Sucks.

You Can Be As Impactful As A Celebrity. With Debbie Levin

Debbie Levin | Big Feet Ep. 1

You Can Be As Impactful As A Celebrity… tune in as Ian Sumner speaks with Debbie Levin, CEO of The Environmental Media Association, about how you can use social media to communicate sustainability and have as much impact as a celebrity.

Do you even know what a carbon footprint is? With Victoria Beall

Victoria Beall | Big Feet Ep. 1

Our carbon footprints are much larger than we think…tune in as Ian Sumner speaks with Victoria Beall about how you can understand what a carbon footprint even means and what you can do about it!
Break down what composting is, green-washing associated with bio-plastics and how do we remove the need for single use plastics?

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