You probably know about the giant floating Great Pacific Garbage Patch. But not all Plastic floats. Human activity is creating garbage patches on the ocean floor, too. Specifically micro-plastics. Specifically in biodiversity hotspots.

🛢️ 800k tonnes of Hydrogen a year

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The Impact To: The Impact Readers Greetings! 🧐 Spring seems to be finally here, even though we saw some snow earlier this week in NY. The environment is getting more attention and people have now – hopefully – canceled all of their unnecessary subscriptions and are learning more about the value of saving and resource management. In your inbox: […]

Electric Vehicles As Portable Storage For The Grid

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Vehicle to Grid & Vehicle to Building technology has become a new emerging technology that has come with the rise of Electric Vehicles. The concept is simple – if I am driving around a 100 kWh battery pack in my EV why can’t I use that stored power to run my home or help the utility […]

We Can Still Save Our Oceans

We Can Restore Our Ocean’s Within 30 Years – But We Have To Act Now A major new scientific review says that we have a narrow window of opportunity to be able to restore the world’s oceans to their “former glory” within a generation. So we have this window – what’s the prescription? In order to […]

💨Emissions Drop Across The World

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You’ve seen the memes (even we couldn’t help ourselves at the top of this post): as industries slow, people fly less, and emissions fall. There’s truth that lower economic activity can mean lower emissions (especially when people aren’t allowed out of their house to commute an hour to work), but unless we get serious about […]