Your AC isn’t good for the environment

May 4 2020 The Impact Newsletter

The Impact To: The Impact Readers Howdy 🤠 The weather has turned a corner and we are all spending more time outside on our balconies or near our windows soaking up the fresh air. Maybe the idea of working from home and reducing the needs for unnecessary travel will be a positive we can take […]

🛢️ 800k tonnes of Hydrogen a year

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The Impact To: The Impact Readers Greetings! 🧐 Spring seems to be finally here, even though we saw some snow earlier this week in NY. The environment is getting more attention and people have now – hopefully – canceled all of their unnecessary subscriptions and are learning more about the value of saving and resource management. In your inbox: […]

Tesla wants to make an HVAC 🔥/❄️ solution for your home…

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Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla – which makes Electric Vehicles – now wants to make the “best HVAC” solution for your home; transparent solar panels are in the pilot phase; EPA temporarily dropping regulations on pollution and Hydrogen vs. Battery Electric debate begins to heat up even more.

The smell of fresh air 🙌

The Impact Newsletter March 23, 2020

Nikola Motor Co and their Hydrogen Powered Trucks and the even more massive assortment of solar panel selections for your home; Emissions are down since the winter 2019; and how the way utilities handle solar deployments can cause the slowing of solar adoption

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