How Cleantech is the New Conservation

The new conservation tying john muir conservation to modern day cleantech companies

The new conservation ties old-school conservation ideology with modern-day cleantech company growth strategies. Marrying to two enables the new and novel definition of The New Conservaton

Osmoses: Transforming Chemical Separations

(Image: Osmoses)

Osmoses (CleanTech Open Northeast Finalist), founded by CEO Francesco Maria and CTO Holden Lai, is working on scaling and marketing molecular membranes to reduce energy and resource use in the industrial chemical industry.

The Spheromak Approach To Fusion • CTFusion

The world is moving towards clean energy sources. (Image: CTFusion)

Fusion is a suitable replacement for fossil fuels because it is carbon-free and provides equal or greater reliability with higher power density working in concert with conventional renewables to provide deep decarbonization across the entire energy ecosystem.

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